PS6 Auction!

Hello PS 6 Families!


Our online auction is LIVE NOW!  Use this link, to Register, Bid and WIN some great items, restaurant meals and experiences! 


Visit Auction Website Here!


The online auction will remain live until the end of our Soiree event on Friday, May 6th at 10:00pm.  The website lets you see your bidding activity under the “My Account” link on the left, and selecting “Activity”. 


Teacher Treats: There are so many great experiences available for our kids with their favorite teachers!  Pizza Parties, Movie Night in the Eco Center, Basketball Game against the teachers…..and so many more! Unlike other items, we are using a Closed Bidding process for the Teacher Treats.  This allows the program to accept the highest bids for the number of kids eligible to win each treat.  Many of our treats are open to multiple students. So when you place a bid, you should enter your highest desired amount for the experience, as you won’t be able to see the other bidding activity and if you are “winning” or not. Read more about Teacher Treats Here.


Members of the Auction & Teacher Treat teams will reach out to all the winners about picking up your winnings at the school in the future, likely the week of 16th.


If you haven’t already, please purchase your Spring Soiree tickets here!  Space is limited.  You will receive digital tickets to show at the door.  Light Bites and a limited bar will be provided.  We can’t wait to see you on the 6th!