School Supplies Letter

Dear PS 6 Families, 

We are busy preparing for the start of the school year and can’t wait to see all of the children soon! 

Each year, when identifying supplies needed for the year, we reflect on making sure we are keeping with our beliefs of “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” in order to be environmentally and fiscally responsible. 

The cost of supplies covers a variety of items purchased throughout the year to enhance the school’s curriculum. Below is a list of illustrative items purchased with these funds:

  • Classroom supplies, including notebooks, markers, pencils, books, etc.
  • Specialist supplies, including paint, canvas, gym supplies (including new A/V for PE teacher), a new keyboard for the music program, supplies for science and Eco Center
  • Specific curriculum-related supplies, including materials for grades and special projects: Kindergarten - book baggies, 1st grade - neighborhood study, 2nd grade - points of interest projects for NYC Study, 3rd grade - Japan Day - culminating event, 5th grade- health education, Peer Mediation -training, various seating to support student learning, fidget tools to assist students. 
  • Subscriptions to the online curriculum for students and resources for teachers - eSpark, Learning Ally, Ruler 

By collecting the funds at the beginning of the year, the school has flexibility to quickly respond to emerging requests and allow instruction to continue unimpeded, e.g., purchasing a new keyboard when the current one broke. These funds, collected by the PTA, are the main source of supplies for the school.

This year we have budgeted $225 per child (this was reflected in the budget we passed at the June PTA meeting). This includes all school supplies for the year and your child’s class t-shirt (thank you to everyone who provided their child’s size information). Please click the link here to make your payment.

Because these funds support a variety of needs, like last year, we are not sharing class-specific supply lists. If you have any questions about these funds, please reach out to the PTA at [email protected].

In addition to the shared classroom supplies, each child will need personal supplies listed below. Please send the following items on the first day of school. Please be sure to clearly label all items with your child’s first and last name and class number.

  • One backpack large enough to hold a 9 X 12 folder :
    • Wheelie backpacks are NOT permitted for safety reasons
  • Two 2-pocket folders of your child’s choice in color, style and design
  • One reusable water bottle 
  • A set of headphones 
  • One pencil case - for children in grades 3 to 5 only. As per teachers’ requests:
    • 3rd graders, please bring a hard pencil case
    • 4th graders, please bring a soft pencil case 
    • 5th graders can choose either