It’s time for PS 6 Read-a-Thon! January 29 - February 2

Our read-a-thon will run from Monday, January 29, through Friday, February 2. If you sign up your child by Sunday, January 28, your child will receive a magnetic PS 6 bookmark designed by Zeren Denker from class 4-306.
1. Go to this link and begin typing your classroom teacher's name.
2. Try typing your child's name. If it doesn't come up (it won't unless another caregiver has set up an account already this year), click "I don't see my reader."
3. Register your child using your email address. (You don't have to enter your phone number.)
4. The remaining steps are optional while registering, and you can return to your child's page at any time to complete them and/or to find the donation link to send to friends and family. Click "skip this step" if you want to do them later. You'll also have the option to "register another reader," which you can select if you have more than one child at PS6.

HOW TO PARTICIPATE: Set a timer for your child, or use the timer on the Read-a-thon website. When your child's reading session has ended, log the minutes through your child's dashboard on the website. Minutes spent reading during class count! Help your pre-readers get in on the action by encouraging them to flip through a book with you and tell you the story; plus, read-aloud minutes (for all ages) count!

SUGGESTED READING GOALS: Pre-readers may look at pictures and describe the story to their grown-ups or ask a grown-up to read to them! Read-aloud minutes count for all ages.


3K = 25 minutes (5/day)

PreK = 50 minutes (10/day)

K = 75 minutes (15/day)

1st = 100 minutes (20/day)

2nd = 150 minutes (30/day)

3rd = 200 minutes (40/day)

4th = 250 minutes (50/day)

5th = 300 minutes (60/day)



Two grand prize winners

The student in grade 3K-2 who logs the most minutes and the student in 3-5 who logs the most minutes will receive a selection of books generously donated by Books of Wonder.


Individual grade winners

The student in each grade who logs the most minutes will receive a PS6 Read-a-thon mug and goody pack that includes a $10 gift certificate generously donated by the Corner Bookstore.


Class winners

The winning class from each grade (3K-2) will receive a pajama day and a story time with a mystery reader. The winning class from each grade (3-5) will receive a special snack and story time with a mystery reader.


Please email Elizabeth and Morgan with any questions.

[email protected]

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