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Zone Map

To attend PS 6, you must live in the school zone; before making a commitment on a property, please make sure an address falls within the zone boundaries:

Although not shown on the map, sometimes only addresses on the north or south side of a street fall within a particular school zone.

To determine if an address falls within the school’s zoned boundaries, please use the NYCDOE’s Find a School Search Tool :
1.Go to the NYCDOE web page and scroll down to Find a School - in the middle of the page
2. Type in your home address in the School Name OR a Street Address bar.
3. You can skip Grade Level
4. Select your Borough using the drop-down menu.
5. Click the Search button; it will bring you to another page and state the zoned schools that assigned to that address.
In addition you can call 311 (from within NYC) or call the PS 6 main office at (212) 737 9774 (ext. 1291) between 9am and 1pm. Keep in mind that school is closed over the summer.